Pay Property Taxes

Pay Property Taxes

Pay Property Taxes Online or by Phone using Debit/Credit Card, or E-Check
( Convenience fees apply, please see fee schedule below. )

Pay Property Taxes Online:

  1. Click on Property Search in the top menu section.
  2. On the Property Search Options page: Select a Search Type.
  3. Enter the information corresponding to your Search Type selection.
  4. If you are using Advanced, the Tax Year must be the default year that is displayed.
  5. Click Search
  6. On the Property Search Results page find the property you wish to make a tax payment for
  7. You can click the Pay Taxes button next to the Property ID, this will add the tax amount to the payment cart.
  8. Once you have added all the properties to the payment cart, click the Cart button
  9. You can also perform the same Steps from the Property Detail page. There you will find a Pay Taxes and a Cart button at the top of the page. The bottom half of the page there is also a Pay Taxes button at the top of the taxes due detail section.
  10. Once you have verified the information in the Shopping Cart page , click Checkout.
  11. You will now be directed to the payment processing page .
  12. Follow the directions on the payment page to complete your payment.
  13. Please retain your confirmation number. The confirmation number is your proof of payment.

Pay Property Taxes by Phone:

In addition to your personal information, you will need the following information to complete the phone transactions:

  1. You will need to enter Bureau Code 8627308.
  2. The Property Id (Account Number) of the property you are paying taxes on.
  3. The Tax Year that you are paying taxes on.
  4. Current amount of tax due for the Tax Year of the Property Id (Account Number) you are paying property taxes on.


  1. Dial 866-539-2020 to speak to a live representative.
  2. You will work with the representative to complete your payment.
  3. Your Bureau Code is 8627308.
  4. Please retain your confirmation number. The confirmation number is your proof of payment.

Fee Schedule: 

 Transaction Type Normal Fee
 Credit/Debit Card 2.15% Minimum Fee $1
 Visa Debit Card 1.00 % Minimum Fee $1
 Electronic Check $0.50 Per Transaction

Note:  Payments will be posted by the end of the next business day.

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Contact Information

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411 E. Central Ave.
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Phone: 254-939-5841

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Temple Office:
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Mailing Address For ALL Locations:
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