Staff Members

Belton Office  
Billy White Chief Appraiser
Roger Chesser Deputy Chief Appraiser
Linda Hearell Executive Secretary
Brandi Kolls  Business & Benefits Administrator
Shae Chavez Regional Administrator
Andre Sanders Real Property Appraiser
Cindy Cole Real Property Appraiser
Greg Ray Real Property Appraiser
Natalie Canava Real Property Appraisal Clerk
Thomas Hart Chief of Personal Property
Kim Williamson BPP Appraiser
Laura Regula BPP Appraiser
Biddy Mitchell Chief Accountant
Lisa Anders Deputy Accountant
Monique Hall Market Analysis Clerk
Tammy Hubnik Chief of Collections
Barbara Clampet Lead Clerk
Susie Drake Exemptions Coordinator
Sarah Hejl Chief of Maps
Ivy Foster Deputy Chief Maps (GIS)
Sheri Parker Systems Processing Manager
Garry Ingalsbe Technology Services Manager
Killeen Office  
Tammy Williams Regional Administrator
Ashley Heights Real Property Appraiser
Debra Harris Sr Appraiser lV
Paul Highbaugh Real Property Appraiser
Elinor Bonney-Jones Sr. A-C Clerk lV
Temple Office  
Cody Curry Regional Administrator
Aaron Marek Real Property Appraiser
Jim Culp Real Property Appraiser
Tim Tumlin Real Property Appraiser
Tina Whetstone Sr. A-C Clerk lV